Looking for a place to live

So it’s pretty much exhausting trying to find somewhere to live.  Sure there are plenty of places we could find a little outside the city but to be honest anything in the downtown area is super sky high in rent.  Space is not too much of an issue for us and in fact we are sort of looking for something small and easy to maintain.  In fact, we’ve entertained the ideas of things like 2 bedrooms and a den which is a huge departure from our 5 bedroom McMansion we have right now in the burbs.  I don’t think that the burbs out there really compare to the urban sprawl we have to endure here which was highlighted even more so today with our day devotion to a single 1 hour event.  The majority of our day was spent in the car driving to downtown Phoenix just so we could attend a short 1 hour event then turn around and drive back.  This is what we are trying to escape I suppose.

Back to the issue at hand and it just seems that everything is way out of our price range.  Short of doing some sort of miraculous magic work I don’t see the 5 of us plus DJ chilling in a 800 sq ft apartment for $2800 a month.  I get the allure and heck I want to be part of the allure but bankrupting ourselves to do so just isn’t smart either.  Right now we’ve got a couple of good people, Denise and Cindy, on the hunt out there for something but we’ve only got about 19 days left to make a decision.  The other option is that we go with a short term rental while we hunt out there ourselves.  Either way I can’t search anymore today I’m spent.


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