Finally Settling on a Place

Finally after much arguing we have found a place to live.  Deciding on Mercer Island was tough for us because we really wanted that urban sort of lifestyle getting rid of both cars and living downtown but it simply is going to be impossible.  There is a couple of good reasons for this:

  1. Our kids are loud
    A ground floor apartment is needed and to be completely honest we would probably ruin that awesome lifestyle for others.  Just sayin.
  2. Our dog is excitable.
    Most people who live in urban communities have those small dogs that fit in purses.  Our dog is 60lbs of excitable fun that would probably eat the little ones.
  3. Expense.
    Wowzer.  Totally crazy expensive rent prices for something which would fit our family.  I like the idea of downsizing our life but to be honest cramming the 6 of us into 800 square feet doesn’t actually sound that appealing.

So Mercer Island it is then!

Super excited…apartment is locked down now we’re just waiting for the approval to go through! 🙂


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