Love living here series pt1

Oh the ways I/we love living here how can we count them?  This week has been so much fun and full of exciting things both me and the family have gotten up to.  First off the kids and Denise have been to a different park in less than 5 minutes each day.  Yes a different park.  All on the island.  Although there were a couple of times the drive took about 35 minutes since she got lost.  I suppose that learning the roads will come with time. As for me I love being part of downtown, seeing the hustle and bustle of life every day, catching a bus in and out of something which is alive.  I suppose that is probably the biggest thing we have found about living here.  The fact that people are out, things grow and there is generally a hum of life which just isn’t found in the urban sprawl from whence we came.

Last weekend we went into Pike Place for the first time and what did we find?  Well we found the market but we also found the gay pride parade too.  Talk about a teachable moment for the kids:

Ofcourse after that we had to do the usual Pike Place stuff so here is a couple of videos of that too:

A little fish throwing:


Oh the places you’ll go

The past few days have been a total whirlwind of exploration and acclimatization to our new abode.  Mercer Island is just amazing for kids and families as we’ve come to notice.  Tons of people out all of the time and the proximity to downtown is unreal – just a 10 minute ride (minus traffic of course) and you’re in the heart of the action!  On Monday we got to hangout with my sister and see her place up in Redmond which I also like immensely.  Yesterday we caught up with Cindy Saver, whose blog you can also read, who showed us around the island a little bit including the ever awesome Luther Burbank beach.  Today we also met up with her and my sister again for some food and social gatherings.  During our trip downtown we walked into a pawn shop looking for a new camera strap and got a nice vintage 40 year old guitar strap as a welcome to Seattle gift from the worker.  I love this place.

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Busy week or two. Or three.

He’s huge!

So what a crazy couple of weeks this has been.  I thought I would write a little recap of the adventures of us in little old Surprise before we bailed out of here.  First, just so that I remember this later on, it was hot as heck.  Still is as I write this but you get the gist.  112 degrees is 112 degrees.  Always flipping will be.  Anyway we got to enjoy Ethan’s last day of basketball from his awesome coach Peter Ezugwu who claims he trained Lebron last summer and played a ton in the European leagues.  He is good no doubt and very charismatic so who knows!  We are going to have to certainly find a new basketball coach or league up in Seattle.

Ethan and Mr Edem

The kids also had their last swim meet which was kind of bitter sweet.  They really do enjoy swimming at the Surprise pool and have learned so much in regards to their technique and skill.  Really all it is, is the teenagers that run the whole show and help them progress through different levels.  All of the kids that run it have such a good attitude and demeanor which is rare in the typical teenager and they do like to have fun too!

The part which has been the most time consuming though I have to say is the process of selling stuff we don’t need.  It has also been the most eye opening because it has really shown just how much stuff one can accumulate that you don’t even really need.  Lots of trips to goodwill and some super decent deals on craigslist (we’ll talk more about how to really work craigslist but we don’t have enough time right now) have resulted in a little purge of sorts.

This past week we were treated to a little party at the Embassy Suites in North Phoenix with family.  We had a blast swimming, eating and generally hanging out with family for what will be the last time for a while at least.  Next up we’ve got Emma’s birthday and then the whole move starts…then we get to restart life again. I’m exhausted just thinking about it all!

What a great time swimming in the pool and relaxing.