Busy week or two. Or three.

He’s huge!

So what a crazy couple of weeks this has been.  I thought I would write a little recap of the adventures of us in little old Surprise before we bailed out of here.  First, just so that I remember this later on, it was hot as heck.  Still is as I write this but you get the gist.  112 degrees is 112 degrees.  Always flipping will be.  Anyway we got to enjoy Ethan’s last day of basketball from his awesome coach Peter Ezugwu who claims he trained Lebron last summer and played a ton in the European leagues.  He is good no doubt and very charismatic so who knows!  We are going to have to certainly find a new basketball coach or league up in Seattle.

Ethan and Mr Edem

The kids also had their last swim meet which was kind of bitter sweet.  They really do enjoy swimming at the Surprise pool and have learned so much in regards to their technique and skill.  Really all it is, is the teenagers that run the whole show and help them progress through different levels.  All of the kids that run it have such a good attitude and demeanor which is rare in the typical teenager and they do like to have fun too!

The part which has been the most time consuming though I have to say is the process of selling stuff we don’t need.  It has also been the most eye opening because it has really shown just how much stuff one can accumulate that you don’t even really need.  Lots of trips to goodwill and some super decent deals on craigslist (we’ll talk more about how to really work craigslist but we don’t have enough time right now) have resulted in a little purge of sorts.

This past week we were treated to a little party at the Embassy Suites in North Phoenix with family.  We had a blast swimming, eating and generally hanging out with family for what will be the last time for a while at least.  Next up we’ve got Emma’s birthday and then the whole move starts…then we get to restart life again. I’m exhausted just thinking about it all!

What a great time swimming in the pool and relaxing.



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