Oh the places you’ll go

The past few days have been a total whirlwind of exploration and acclimatization to our new abode.  Mercer Island is just amazing for kids and families as we’ve come to notice.  Tons of people out all of the time and the proximity to downtown is unreal – just a 10 minute ride (minus traffic of course) and you’re in the heart of the action!  On Monday we got to hangout with my sister and see her place up in Redmond which I also like immensely.  Yesterday we caught up with Cindy Saver, whose blog you can also read http://residentialongings.com, who showed us around the island a little bit including the ever awesome Luther Burbank beach.  Today we also met up with her and my sister again for some food and social gatherings.  During our trip downtown we walked into a pawn shop looking for a new camera strap and got a nice vintage 40 year old guitar strap as a welcome to Seattle gift from the worker.  I love this place.

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