Hiking in the mountains

So today was/is my birthday and we thought what better way to celebrate then start to take in all the awesome hiking Washington has to offer.  I had previously looked up this hike: (http://www.trimbleoutdoors.com/ViewTrip/364362) and it seemed like it would be pretty easy.  Poo Poo Point is part of the Tiger Mountain State Forest and is where many para-gliders launch from so you gotta be careful on the ground! Whew after getting about 1 mile or so in after 90 minutes we had to stop!  The descent was what we were really worried about since some other hikers had mentioned we still had quite a ways to go.  The kids were troopers and loved every minute of it.  Here are some snaps: http://www.flickr.com/photos/eekphotography/sets/72157631487728710

This past month has also brought new school for the kids and boy are we ever impressed!  The schools here are ultra amazing from communications, teacher engagement and educational content.  Everything they do seems to be a notch above what we are accustomed to including proper music and art classes that focus on core concepts – what a refreshing change for a school to actually be good.

Coming up next week we finally get to move into a three bedroom place!  While it is in one of the older buildings it is super quaint with hardwood floors and lots of charm.  Yes I know that doesn’t mean too much considering it is an apartment we don’t own but to live somewhere nice with unique features and also some space as well.  Wish us luck!


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