Guns Across America Rally – Olympia WA 2013

Guns Across America Rally 1So earlier this year I challenged myself to get out there more and stand up for those things I believe in to be important to me and my family.  I was invited earlier this week to attend the Guns Across America Rally in Olympia today and I felt as though it was an event I should attend and show my support for.  I was really shocked and amazed about how great of an event it was.  The turn out was massive and although the media says it was something like a thousand people I know there was more than that there.  People were passionate about their gun rights and to be honest so I am but I’ve really been reluctant to be open and communicative about it until now.

We got there around 11 am and we headed over to the State Capitol not really sure wGuns Across America Rally 3hat to expect.  Ethan and his friend were a little anxious too but I think that’s because they were hungry and wanted to play their iPad’s but I digress.  It was bitter cold, mid 30’s, and my friend had made some signs for us to carry.  When we finally arrived at Tivoli Fountains we found tons of people who were just really passionate about not only guns, some weren’t carrying while some where, but just about their rights in general and the never ending creep on them.  Most people just wanted to voice concerns about what they felt was an invasion of their protected rights and some people gave speeches which we couldn’t really hear since we were so far back.

I don’t want this to turn into a pro-guns versus gun control debate since I think the 2nd amendment is pretty clear so I won’t get into that but what I will get into is the gradual loss of freedoms taken away chip by chip in the name of safety and security.  I don’t want the US to turn into a country where its people have to rely on them for everything and I think history speaks for itself where the path leads down in disarming its citizens.  While some people will undoubtedly state that this isn’t about losing the right to own a gun entirely it won’t take much, another Sandy Hook perhaps, for handguns to come next since the US Government has to protect me from myself.

Guns Across America Rally 2

One thing that was very apparent from this rally is that there won’t be sweeping gun control, reform or a chance that people here are going to stand for it.  I know I won’t.  It was good knowing I wasn’t alone in this belief and to be part of the process to protect my rights.  Oh and for those who might question the fact that I’m a permanent resident and that I don’t have the same rights should take a quick peek at Fletcher v. Haas “the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts held that Permanent resident aliens are included amongst ‘the people’ as the term is used in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.” (courtesy of Monachus Lex).

I did feel bad for this lady the sole “pro gun control” lady I spotted:Guns Across America Sole Protester


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