It’s a party in Seattle!

So I think I’ve probably this clear enough but Seattle is a bit different.  In fact I think this is quite a bit of an understatement the more I live here and the more I/we get to experience.  Take this Saturday for instance which was the birthday party of the most fab Cindy Saver (free link: – she’s a great Realtor too) who threw a wonderful shin dig if I must say.  We all bundled up, it is still January you know, and headed on into the city.  Parking on the street wherever we could, it was dark but the streets were packed with people milling around and there was just an electric vibe with the light rain too.  When we got inside the eclecticism didn’t stop.

We were greeted with all sorts of different people some with bow ties, some with tutus and some with plain t’s + jeans.  It was an interesting sight that only seemed to extend as the night went on.  People came and left.  A giant rendition of Happy Birthday with orchestral base accompaniment was enjoyed by all.   People also felt totally free to bring their dogs too!   And just when we thought it couldn’t get any more unique the Seattle Fire Department showed up to wish Cindy happy birthday only to whisk away again for an emergency call.

All in all it was a great night highlighted by our trip to the rooftop for a little nighttime photography as attached.  It’s events like these that serve to highlight the diverse culture, people and experiences you can have being part of a community like this.



Resolutions are noble but stupid.

So once a year you make a resolution to be better than you were last year.  Great so you wait until the very first day of the next YEAR to wise up and stop being shitty?  Yeah it seems like a smart idea to come up with some reason to want to better your life but in all honesty you know and I know that they simply won’t stick.  Heck psychology even says it won’t stick especially if you are targeting something like quitting smoking or starting to work out.  Why?  Well it has to do with how we humans make changes in our lives.  You see we don’t simply just up and make changes we have to go through a spiral upwards of sorts where we make changes in stages including preplanning, execution, maintenance and a few other stages I forget.  So if you are planning a resolution don’t make it something you come up with on the spot some night once out of the year.  Instead start planning it in advance including a proper plan you can stick to.  Oh and don’t be to hard on yourself if you don’t make it.  Simply retool your plan and try again.

As for me I don’t think I have any resolutions per se except to stay being creative in my work and life trying to eek out that left side of my noggin more and more.  I’d like to think that being healthier is on my radar too but saying I have some sort of overarching plan is a little presumptuous.  This year I can see utilizing the areas local transit more and relying less on my car (even though I already take the bus) and encouraging the family to do so as well.  Either way I encourage you all to think about how you can make positive impacts in your life but not resolutions.  A resolution is like saying you weren’t strong enough in the past and that January 1st has some magical component to it.

Love living here series pt1

Oh the ways I/we love living here how can we count them?  This week has been so much fun and full of exciting things both me and the family have gotten up to.  First off the kids and Denise have been to a different park in less than 5 minutes each day.  Yes a different park.  All on the island.  Although there were a couple of times the drive took about 35 minutes since she got lost.  I suppose that learning the roads will come with time. As for me I love being part of downtown, seeing the hustle and bustle of life every day, catching a bus in and out of something which is alive.  I suppose that is probably the biggest thing we have found about living here.  The fact that people are out, things grow and there is generally a hum of life which just isn’t found in the urban sprawl from whence we came.

Last weekend we went into Pike Place for the first time and what did we find?  Well we found the market but we also found the gay pride parade too.  Talk about a teachable moment for the kids:

Ofcourse after that we had to do the usual Pike Place stuff so here is a couple of videos of that too:

A little fish throwing:

Kayla’s Kindergarten Graduation

Well add this to the list of things we’re done with in Arizona.  Kayla graduating Kindergarten this past Wednesday was very  nice and we captured some great photos.  Next up is Emma but she will be a Seattle/Washington school system graduate!