9 months in!

Just doing a little calculation in my mind that it’s been almost 9 months since we moved here and life has never seemed so busy ever!  Even when we owned the business I don’t feel as though it was this busy.  Perhaps some of it, maybe most of it, is kid driven based on play dates, science fair projects, basketball games and hip-hop classes (Kayla not me) but I think in general we’ve just taken on a much more energetic life.  Now I don’t mean energetic as in working out I think it means more so being involved and out and about.  Some of this might just be thinking differently about how life was back in the AZ – who knows.

Denise and I continue to finish up school with Denise being much closer than I but both of us feel as though we’re probably just going to continue on down our higher education path and rightfully so.  Up here a bachelors really is equivalent to a highschool diploma if you want anything more than burger flipping or baristaring (although I would bet most of the good baristas also have ba degrees!) so it makes sense we would continue sweating and perservering to get our Masters degree.  This way we can be better role models for the kids too!   I shall be glad when it is finally over however, however long the entire process takes, but Grand Canyon makes it really easy to get in to classes and focus on the work.

Well this is a super exciting update, that much I am sure of, but if you made it all the way through kudos to you!  Maybe leave a little comment?


It’s a party in Seattle!

So I think I’ve probably this clear enough but Seattle is a bit different.  In fact I think this is quite a bit of an understatement the more I live here and the more I/we get to experience.  Take this Saturday for instance which was the birthday party of the most fab Cindy Saver (free link: www.residentialongings.com – she’s a great Realtor too) who threw a wonderful shin dig if I must say.  We all bundled up, it is still January you know, and headed on into the city.  Parking on the street wherever we could, it was dark but the streets were packed with people milling around and there was just an electric vibe with the light rain too.  When we got inside the eclecticism didn’t stop.

We were greeted with all sorts of different people some with bow ties, some with tutus and some with plain t’s + jeans.  It was an interesting sight that only seemed to extend as the night went on.  People came and left.  A giant rendition of Happy Birthday with orchestral base accompaniment was enjoyed by all.   People also felt totally free to bring their dogs too!   And just when we thought it couldn’t get any more unique the Seattle Fire Department showed up to wish Cindy happy birthday only to whisk away again for an emergency call.

All in all it was a great night highlighted by our trip to the rooftop for a little nighttime photography as attached.  It’s events like these that serve to highlight the diverse culture, people and experiences you can have being part of a community like this.


Guns Across America Rally – Olympia WA 2013

Guns Across America Rally 1So earlier this year I challenged myself to get out there more and stand up for those things I believe in to be important to me and my family.  I was invited earlier this week to attend the Guns Across America Rally in Olympia today and I felt as though it was an event I should attend and show my support for.  I was really shocked and amazed about how great of an event it was.  The turn out was massive and although the media says it was something like a thousand people I know there was more than that there.  People were passionate about their gun rights and to be honest so I am but I’ve really been reluctant to be open and communicative about it until now.

We got there around 11 am and we headed over to the State Capitol not really sure wGuns Across America Rally 3hat to expect.  Ethan and his friend were a little anxious too but I think that’s because they were hungry and wanted to play their iPad’s but I digress.  It was bitter cold, mid 30’s, and my friend had made some signs for us to carry.  When we finally arrived at Tivoli Fountains we found tons of people who were just really passionate about not only guns, some weren’t carrying while some where, but just about their rights in general and the never ending creep on them.  Most people just wanted to voice concerns about what they felt was an invasion of their protected rights and some people gave speeches which we couldn’t really hear since we were so far back.

I don’t want this to turn into a pro-guns versus gun control debate since I think the 2nd amendment is pretty clear so I won’t get into that but what I will get into is the gradual loss of freedoms taken away chip by chip in the name of safety and security.  I don’t want the US to turn into a country where its people have to rely on them for everything and I think history speaks for itself where the path leads down in disarming its citizens.  While some people will undoubtedly state that this isn’t about losing the right to own a gun entirely it won’t take much, another Sandy Hook perhaps, for handguns to come next since the US Government has to protect me from myself.

Guns Across America Rally 2

One thing that was very apparent from this rally is that there won’t be sweeping gun control, reform or a chance that people here are going to stand for it.  I know I won’t.  It was good knowing I wasn’t alone in this belief and to be part of the process to protect my rights.  Oh and for those who might question the fact that I’m a permanent resident and that I don’t have the same rights should take a quick peek at Fletcher v. Haas “the United States District Court for the District of Massachusetts held that Permanent resident aliens are included amongst ‘the people’ as the term is used in the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution.” (courtesy of Monachus Lex).

I did feel bad for this lady the sole “pro gun control” lady I spotted:Guns Across America Sole Protester

Daring myself

So I grabbed this free book online with 365 journal or blog entry ideas and I thought why not start off with the first one and see where it takes me?  So I’m basically daring myself to be open and honest in a format like this with no set agenda, ideals or beliefs that I want anyone else to agree with or even understand at times.  Right now is a funny time in my life and fits quite well with the theory that around the end of the 20’s and the early 30’s are the quintessential time of creativity and I suppose that I feel that yearning more than ever.  I’m having a blast being creative at work for the first time that I can remember and that feels so great to do.

This next year I’d like to get more involved in grass roots movements here locally that focus on freedom and what kind of world I think we’re leaving for our kids.  It’s worrying to me that with everything going on in the world we’re losing sight of what it means to be us.  The problem is I’m somewhat nervous to get out there and attend rallies or events which I know is silly but I’m sure other people feel the same.  So this year I’m daring myself to be more out there out for scrutinizing and available for feedback good and bad.

I thought I’d post one of the videos I did that I can post publicly:

Good movies…

Ethan came home today and reminded me of a part of my past that was long forgotten – Honey I Shrunk the Kids!  Over at his friends house he claimed he had watched some of it but when we put it on it wasn’t a cartoon – when did the movie become a cartoon?  Apparently at some point somewhere someone thought it would be a great idea for a cartoon but not that I remember that.  Anyway the movie was total cheese watching parts of it now as we put on the original for the kids to watch.  They were totally enthralled and Denise and I could not help but laugh at certain points.  I found this great Youtube video with an old VHS copy of the trailer:

It got me thinking a little bit back to the old classic movies of my childhood like the Goonies, Grease and even the old Highlander series of movies.  Anyone else got any favorites from the past?

The last good movie we watched recently was “The Imposter” which was based on/is a documentary focused on the crazy story of a Texas kid who went missing only to turn up around 4 years later.  This movie was INCREDIBLE to say the least:

The Imposter

Probably one of my top favorites right now in a looooong time.

Ethan’s Piano Recital – Canon EOS 5D Mark III Test

Testing out the new work camera and boy can this thing shoot nicely. I did barely any work in post to make it look this good and I have to say it felt great in my hands. DOF is fantastic and really captures a subtle look with just a few tweaks here and there. Stills come out equally as nice so it will be interesting to see what kind of work I can put it through.

Boat Making?

I can honestly say that I never thought of myself as a boat maker per se but today my prowess was put to the metal!  At South Lake Union Park we went to their annual holiday festival and tried our hand at some handmade boats.  The results were pretty fun and there were some really old boats to explore, Christmas carols and just some really nice family time including the ever wonderful Cindy. 🙂  It was one of those put a smile on your face kind of events/times such a nice way to get started on the holiday cheer.ImageImageImageWe also spent time sailing them in the little lake and generally getting nice and chilly.  It was actually nice to have a break from the rain for once which has been a bit blistering the past few days.

A Skaters Life for Me…

Ethan is totally into his skateboarding thanks to the immensely talented Ryan Handy his instructor.  He really did such an awesome job taking him from someone who was not too sure on his footing to someone ready to take risks and have some fun!

We’ve hit the skatepark numerous times since his lessons ended and he has loved it and to be honest I’m more than a little jealous.  What it does though is gives me a chance to play around with video again something I enjoy so much.  Just a short update for now.  Perhaps something a little more in depth a few days from now? :0

It’s time for an update! WOOOOOHOOO!

ImageIt was great seeing Nanny and Grandad this past weekend who spent some time with us and Denise and Quinn.  Showing them around our little island, eating out a TON (pssst check out Vios my new favorite restaurant ever located in Capitol Hill) and just spending some quality time was truly very nice indeed.

Ethan’s birthday was so much fun!  Cousin Cindy spent the early afternoon at Luther Burbank picking berries exploring the old abandoned dairy farm with Ethan.  Ethan having a best friend so quick has been a blessing because him and Colin just bonded like you would not believe.  We hung out at the pavilion patio eating hot dogs, fries and some homemade (gluten free of course!) cupcakes. Yum!  Afterwards the kids got to ride around on their scooter and Ethan enjoyed his new razor.  I on the other hand learned I am not as fast as the kids on one. Yeap I’m getting old.

School is starting really, really soon.  Like less than a week soon. Yikes!  Anyway the schools have been on a communication frenzy with emails and website logins like you would not believe.  One of the best things is that they have a junk food ban for birthdays! Excellent stuff indeed because the ban is junk food period including holidays, vending machines – basically everywhere!  In fact they encourage the kids to bring reusable lunch containers and have onsite composting competition teams.  Yes I suppose you could say we are living in hippie central.  Is it a surprise then that one of the top rated school districts in the nation understands that it is a complete approach holistically including nutrition, health and academics that makes a good student?

All in told this is the first place we have felt that we really fit in.  And by fit in we mean really feel like this is the place for us.  We don’t have to hide our desire to not eat terrible food, be healthy and be more spiritual and that makes us feel amazing.  Plus we can act like this too: