Daring myself

So I grabbed this free book online with 365 journal or blog entry ideas and I thought why not start off with the first one and see where it takes me?  So I’m basically daring myself to be open and honest in a format like this with no set agenda, ideals or beliefs that I want anyone else to agree with or even understand at times.  Right now is a funny time in my life and fits quite well with the theory that around the end of the 20’s and the early 30’s are the quintessential time of creativity and I suppose that I feel that yearning more than ever.  I’m having a blast being creative at work for the first time that I can remember and that feels so great to do.

This next year I’d like to get more involved in grass roots movements here locally that focus on freedom and what kind of world I think we’re leaving for our kids.  It’s worrying to me that with everything going on in the world we’re losing sight of what it means to be us.  The problem is I’m somewhat nervous to get out there and attend rallies or events which I know is silly but I’m sure other people feel the same.  So this year I’m daring myself to be more out there out for scrutinizing and available for feedback good and bad.

I thought I’d post one of the videos I did that I can post publicly:

Good movies…

Ethan came home today and reminded me of a part of my past that was long forgotten – Honey I Shrunk the Kids!  Over at his friends house he claimed he had watched some of it but when we put it on it wasn’t a cartoon – when did the movie become a cartoon?  Apparently at some point somewhere someone thought it would be a great idea for a cartoon but not that I remember that.  Anyway the movie was total cheese watching parts of it now as we put on the original for the kids to watch.  They were totally enthralled and Denise and I could not help but laugh at certain points.  I found this great Youtube video with an old VHS copy of the trailer:

It got me thinking a little bit back to the old classic movies of my childhood like the Goonies, Grease and even the old Highlander series of movies.  Anyone else got any favorites from the past?

The last good movie we watched recently was “The Imposter” which was based on/is a documentary focused on the crazy story of a Texas kid who went missing only to turn up around 4 years later.  This movie was INCREDIBLE to say the least:

The Imposter

Probably one of my top favorites right now in a looooong time.

Ethan’s Piano Recital – Canon EOS 5D Mark III Test

Testing out the new work camera and boy can this thing shoot nicely. I did barely any work in post to make it look this good and I have to say it felt great in my hands. DOF is fantastic and really captures a subtle look with just a few tweaks here and there. Stills come out equally as nice so it will be interesting to see what kind of work I can put it through.

It’s time for an update! WOOOOOHOOO!

ImageIt was great seeing Nanny and Grandad this past weekend who spent some time with us and Denise and Quinn.  Showing them around our little island, eating out a TON (pssst check out Vios my new favorite restaurant ever located in Capitol Hill) and just spending some quality time was truly very nice indeed.

Ethan’s birthday was so much fun!  Cousin Cindy spent the early afternoon at Luther Burbank picking berries exploring the old abandoned dairy farm with Ethan.  Ethan having a best friend so quick has been a blessing because him and Colin just bonded like you would not believe.  We hung out at the pavilion patio eating hot dogs, fries and some homemade (gluten free of course!) cupcakes. Yum!  Afterwards the kids got to ride around on their scooter and Ethan enjoyed his new razor.  I on the other hand learned I am not as fast as the kids on one. Yeap I’m getting old.

School is starting really, really soon.  Like less than a week soon. Yikes!  Anyway the schools have been on a communication frenzy with emails and website logins like you would not believe.  One of the best things is that they have a junk food ban for birthdays! Excellent stuff indeed because the ban is junk food period including holidays, vending machines – basically everywhere!  In fact they encourage the kids to bring reusable lunch containers and have onsite composting competition teams.  Yes I suppose you could say we are living in hippie central.  Is it a surprise then that one of the top rated school districts in the nation understands that it is a complete approach holistically including nutrition, health and academics that makes a good student?

All in told this is the first place we have felt that we really fit in.  And by fit in we mean really feel like this is the place for us.  We don’t have to hide our desire to not eat terrible food, be healthy and be more spiritual and that makes us feel amazing.  Plus we can act like this too:


What’s it like here?

Some people undoubtedly ask at some point why we would trade super cheap rent, lots of land and space to move around for our life here in Seattle?  If they saw our arrangement in person they probably would only have a stronger opinion that we are completely mad in the head.  We downgraded from a 5 bedroom 2800 square foot home for the comforts of a 2 bedroom apartment which costs more (a 3 bedroom is on the way though…).  Why?

There are plenty of reasons and they keep getting stronger by the day:

  • Culture – there is so much more culture that is easily accessible here.  No getting in the car and driving 45 minutes just to be around other people or engage in cultural fun.  Today for instance we hung out on the deck of our apartment overlooking Lake Washington as the Blue Angels buzzed by doing their aerial acrobats.  Tons of neighbors came out and the kids played around for a bit.
  • Environment – it feels as though the area is actually alive.  Green makes a ton of difference along with the rain which is so cleansing.
  • People – more laid back.  Less in your face and overall nicer.
  • Work opportunities – the top companies are up here and they pay well.  Yes the cost of living might be a bit higher but you get public transit, well kept parks, events and tons more for your dollar.
  • Schools – specifically on Mercer Island the schools are 10’s.  They rank some of the highest in the nation and after Arizona’s dismal rankings perhaps anything is better but these happen to be some of the best.

I don’t want to come off as a total nay-Sayer to Arizona but honestly there are better places and I feel so lucky to have made it here.

Downtown Life

What is it about downtown life that is so awesome?  I thought this to myself a few days ago as I boarded the 6am bus in from Mercer Island.  It is a short commute from this little sleepy island which is connected via expressways and footpaths to the epicenter of Seattle life.  Downtown life, urban living or whatever you call it has this special sort of vibe that is hard to put a finger on.  I tried to explain it to someone else and I realized that I was not really doing it much justice.  Downtown life I suppose means something different for everyone but for me I love the energy and the sound that the city makes.  It is loud, colorful and full of life.  Jackhammers interspersed with buses, honking horns while emergency sirens all intertwine with the street performers as they make the soundtrack of this downtown life.  The life is there.  It isn’t pretty all the time, it is gritty and full of things that need to be fixed.  But you know what?  At least there is some life here.  And it spews out from all pores of the city from rich to poor, from gay to straight and every artist on the corner making a quick buck.  You can feel it this downtown life the moment you start walking around and feeling it on you.  For some people they don’t like this and make a super fast exit.  For me I love it.  This is my downtown life and I am not going anywhere.

Love living here series pt1

Oh the ways I/we love living here how can we count them?  This week has been so much fun and full of exciting things both me and the family have gotten up to.  First off the kids and Denise have been to a different park in less than 5 minutes each day.  Yes a different park.  All on the island.  Although there were a couple of times the drive took about 35 minutes since she got lost.  I suppose that learning the roads will come with time. As for me I love being part of downtown, seeing the hustle and bustle of life every day, catching a bus in and out of something which is alive.  I suppose that is probably the biggest thing we have found about living here.  The fact that people are out, things grow and there is generally a hum of life which just isn’t found in the urban sprawl from whence we came.

Last weekend we went into Pike Place for the first time and what did we find?  Well we found the market but we also found the gay pride parade too.  Talk about a teachable moment for the kids:

Ofcourse after that we had to do the usual Pike Place stuff so here is a couple of videos of that too:

A little fish throwing: