It’s a party in Seattle!

So I think I’ve probably this clear enough but Seattle is a bit different.  In fact I think this is quite a bit of an understatement the more I live here and the more I/we get to experience.  Take this Saturday for instance which was the birthday party of the most fab Cindy Saver (free link: – she’s a great Realtor too) who threw a wonderful shin dig if I must say.  We all bundled up, it is still January you know, and headed on into the city.  Parking on the street wherever we could, it was dark but the streets were packed with people milling around and there was just an electric vibe with the light rain too.  When we got inside the eclecticism didn’t stop.

We were greeted with all sorts of different people some with bow ties, some with tutus and some with plain t’s + jeans.  It was an interesting sight that only seemed to extend as the night went on.  People came and left.  A giant rendition of Happy Birthday with orchestral base accompaniment was enjoyed by all.   People also felt totally free to bring their dogs too!   And just when we thought it couldn’t get any more unique the Seattle Fire Department showed up to wish Cindy happy birthday only to whisk away again for an emergency call.

All in all it was a great night highlighted by our trip to the rooftop for a little nighttime photography as attached.  It’s events like these that serve to highlight the diverse culture, people and experiences you can have being part of a community like this.



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Blueberry Picking at Bill Pace


Blueberry Picking at Bill Pace, a set on Flickr.

We went blueberry picking at Bill Pace produce and it was so amazing! We got some super nice shots which came out superb.  The whole thing was really fun and it was extremely beautiful with great weather the whole time. It seemed weird we were in the middle of this downtown hub yet picking fresh blueberries right off the bushes.  They were super cheap too at only $1.50 per lb!

Downtown Life

What is it about downtown life that is so awesome?  I thought this to myself a few days ago as I boarded the 6am bus in from Mercer Island.  It is a short commute from this little sleepy island which is connected via expressways and footpaths to the epicenter of Seattle life.  Downtown life, urban living or whatever you call it has this special sort of vibe that is hard to put a finger on.  I tried to explain it to someone else and I realized that I was not really doing it much justice.  Downtown life I suppose means something different for everyone but for me I love the energy and the sound that the city makes.  It is loud, colorful and full of life.  Jackhammers interspersed with buses, honking horns while emergency sirens all intertwine with the street performers as they make the soundtrack of this downtown life.  The life is there.  It isn’t pretty all the time, it is gritty and full of things that need to be fixed.  But you know what?  At least there is some life here.  And it spews out from all pores of the city from rich to poor, from gay to straight and every artist on the corner making a quick buck.  You can feel it this downtown life the moment you start walking around and feeling it on you.  For some people they don’t like this and make a super fast exit.  For me I love it.  This is my downtown life and I am not going anywhere.

Oh the places you’ll go

The past few days have been a total whirlwind of exploration and acclimatization to our new abode.  Mercer Island is just amazing for kids and families as we’ve come to notice.  Tons of people out all of the time and the proximity to downtown is unreal – just a 10 minute ride (minus traffic of course) and you’re in the heart of the action!  On Monday we got to hangout with my sister and see her place up in Redmond which I also like immensely.  Yesterday we caught up with Cindy Saver, whose blog you can also read, who showed us around the island a little bit including the ever awesome Luther Burbank beach.  Today we also met up with her and my sister again for some food and social gatherings.  During our trip downtown we walked into a pawn shop looking for a new camera strap and got a nice vintage 40 year old guitar strap as a welcome to Seattle gift from the worker.  I love this place.

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Finally Settling on a Place

Finally after much arguing we have found a place to live.  Deciding on Mercer Island was tough for us because we really wanted that urban sort of lifestyle getting rid of both cars and living downtown but it simply is going to be impossible.  There is a couple of good reasons for this:

  1. Our kids are loud
    A ground floor apartment is needed and to be completely honest we would probably ruin that awesome lifestyle for others.  Just sayin.
  2. Our dog is excitable.
    Most people who live in urban communities have those small dogs that fit in purses.  Our dog is 60lbs of excitable fun that would probably eat the little ones.
  3. Expense.
    Wowzer.  Totally crazy expensive rent prices for something which would fit our family.  I like the idea of downsizing our life but to be honest cramming the 6 of us into 800 square feet doesn’t actually sound that appealing.

So Mercer Island it is then!

Super excited…apartment is locked down now we’re just waiting for the approval to go through! 🙂

Looking for a place to live

So it’s pretty much exhausting trying to find somewhere to live.  Sure there are plenty of places we could find a little outside the city but to be honest anything in the downtown area is super sky high in rent.  Space is not too much of an issue for us and in fact we are sort of looking for something small and easy to maintain.  In fact, we’ve entertained the ideas of things like 2 bedrooms and a den which is a huge departure from our 5 bedroom McMansion we have right now in the burbs.  I don’t think that the burbs out there really compare to the urban sprawl we have to endure here which was highlighted even more so today with our day devotion to a single 1 hour event.  The majority of our day was spent in the car driving to downtown Phoenix just so we could attend a short 1 hour event then turn around and drive back.  This is what we are trying to escape I suppose.

Back to the issue at hand and it just seems that everything is way out of our price range.  Short of doing some sort of miraculous magic work I don’t see the 5 of us plus DJ chilling in a 800 sq ft apartment for $2800 a month.  I get the allure and heck I want to be part of the allure but bankrupting ourselves to do so just isn’t smart either.  Right now we’ve got a couple of good people, Denise and Cindy, on the hunt out there for something but we’ve only got about 19 days left to make a decision.  The other option is that we go with a short term rental while we hunt out there ourselves.  Either way I can’t search anymore today I’m spent.