This is nuts…

kids drug parents to play on the internet longer?

Two California teenagers are accused of drugging the milkshakes of one girl’s parents so they could use the Internet after 10 p.m., according to news reports.

tl/dl: kids drug parents to play on the internet longer

This has got to be the craziest thing in recent memory I can think of, not withstanding the usual level of crazy violence etc, that is directly about the kind of kids our/this generation is producing.  Seriously?  How does this kind of entitlement get produced?  It worries me for my own kids when they will be hanging around kids like this or even think this way themselves one day.  I remember being pretty addicted, I’m sure my wife might say I still am, with my computer time but I can’t think  of a time I thought of poisoning someone so I could stay on longer.  Admittedly I only grew up with computers and the internet from about 9 or 10 onward but these kids are something else entirely.

Fresh from the womb, some inside even, Facebook profiles are generated ( so that the tracking  indoctrination connected world can be theirs for the taking.  Well I suppose this is the sort of thing we can start to accept as our own fate then.