Good movies…

Ethan came home today and reminded me of a part of my past that was long forgotten – Honey I Shrunk the Kids!  Over at his friends house he claimed he had watched some of it but when we put it on it wasn’t a cartoon – when did the movie become a cartoon?  Apparently at some point somewhere someone thought it would be a great idea for a cartoon but not that I remember that.  Anyway the movie was total cheese watching parts of it now as we put on the original for the kids to watch.  They were totally enthralled and Denise and I could not help but laugh at certain points.  I found this great Youtube video with an old VHS copy of the trailer:

It got me thinking a little bit back to the old classic movies of my childhood like the Goonies, Grease and even the old Highlander series of movies.  Anyone else got any favorites from the past?

The last good movie we watched recently was “The Imposter” which was based on/is a documentary focused on the crazy story of a Texas kid who went missing only to turn up around 4 years later.  This movie was INCREDIBLE to say the least:

The Imposter

Probably one of my top favorites right now in a looooong time.